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The Algerian people particularly the Berbers tend to travel and settle in Europe or Northern America mainly but not so much in other parts of the world particularly Australia.


Searching for Algerian and Berber ornaments, which are considered the rarest and most unique products in the world, in Australia is like searching for a needle in the ocean. Almost impossible to find anything that has the smell of North Africa, except some Moroccan shops that you can count with the tips of your fingers throughout Australia.


It took one whole year thinking how to connect the Algerian/Berber culture to the Australian, how to promote the culture down under. We wanted to introduce the whole culture into the new community that knows very little about it. We took a step forward and created a promotional business in importing all sorts of Algerian and Berber Handmade ornaments such as Sahara clothes, Kabyle dresses, Kabyle Jewellery, Tuareg Jewellery, Sahara sand roses, 3D paintings, Algerian pottery, Algerian books, Berber Rugs … to trial. We called the business “Berbero Saharan Handicrafts on 01/02/2006 and created our own website on 09/10/2006.


Meanwhile, we also created in Algeria an export business in the handicraft; therefore we started building the promotional business together from scratch.


We organised many exhibitions, we opened a shop in Sydney, went to markets, participated in festivals, attended gatherings, celebrated important days, distributed flyers and brochures, advertised about our culture, spoken about the Berber culture in Museums, etc. The more products we sell, the better the Berber, Algerian and North African culture will be known in Australia and the world. We do not keep all the money we make from our sales, we however spend most of it in promoting the culture as a whole, which is the aim of Berbero Saharan Handicrafts.


We are currently exporting in retail and wholesale to all the continents and your help will be very much appreciated in this promotion.


Thank you for reading about us. If you have any questions/comments about Berbero Saharan Handicrafts, please contact us.
Best Regards


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