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Sahara Sand Rose formation










The exquisite, delicate sand rose, or desert rose (Gypsum), is one of the nature`s fascinating quirks: not a flower at all, but a mineral which crystalises in a unique rosette growth habit that is dissolved in the sea water. Found in a variety of sizes, some look remarkably like a rose flower with its petals wide open; others form into beautiful bladed spheres, and still others form large clusters comprised of many small rosette crystals.
No one sand rose is identical to any other. Since pure gypsum is transparent, sand roses are the colour of the sand in which they are embedded, usually dark brown. If the sand is coarser, sand rose substance looks like honey. Sand roses are found in a variety of sizes, ranging from small rosettes a centimeter across to large clusters, more than one meter in diameter. Sand rose clusters rarely lie at the surface. Hard digging is necessary to reach the water table and your pain is not over. These natural treasures are worth the effort.
In order for sand roses to form, an arid environment , a source of CaSO4 (Calcium Sulfate) and at brine-rich spots, which are common in the area and concentrate CaSO4, which crystalises into the mineral gypsum (CaSO4, 2H2O) at the water table - See picture for clarification. As the water table in the areas rises, evaporates and falls seasonally, the gypsum crystals grow in the inter-grain pore spaces, entrapping loose sand. Sand roses are relatively easy to hunt. They are usually in sand at a depth of one to four feet. In terms of geological time, sand roses form rapidly (in tens to hundreds of years). one of the many gypsum crystal habits that explain its popularity among mineral collectors.

Sahara Sand Rose from Algeria 


Sand roses can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that depends on the characteristics of the sand in which they grow. Since sand roses are found at the surface, most of the people think they originate there. In fact, sand roses are not pebbles shaped by wind, but crystallize at the water table, below the surface, where large, fresh crystals can be found.
People of the Sahara desert believe that the Sand Rose has an internal energy that is used for protection, wealth and purification since it is the pure Mother Nature’s design and creation. It can be put at home for the same beliefs or it can simply be used as a unique and uncommon attractive ornament as a decoration at home (in Aquariums, gardens, in kitchen, in lounge room, hanging on the wall, on display cabinets, etc), in your business particularly Jewellery shops, antique shops, unique artifacts shop, etc. or it can also be added to your stones collection. Ideas are still open; it fits all minds and all locations.



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References: C. Heine (Text), D. Mougenot (Montage), E. Tischner (Photos).


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