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Hacene, thank you for your notification, I shall look forward to receiving the Sand Roses. And it is exciting to think my belts are being handmade especially for me in Algeria - it is obviously a fascinating country. I'm too old to travel now, but love learning about places I have never seen. The photos (modern and old) are fascinating. I run a very tiny gift shop in a very tiny place (Lemon Tree Passage). The shop is part of the waterside unit my husband Ray and I live in. Not to make a profit, but to keep me occupied and interested as he is an invalid now. The community is getting familiar with the fact that The Little Gift Shoppe always has something unusual. Not that you need to know all that, but I had to compliment you on your web site. I don't know who has created it for you, or if indeed you have put it together yourself, but whichever applies, it is one of the best sites, both from content and composition that I have visited. I don't know if Algerians recognise our New Year celebrations, but I send you and your family my latest buzz phrase.... Have a great 2008!

Mary, Australia
2007-12-30 19:30:00


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