La source d'eau - Taawit of Moh Alileche 2002

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Audio Music CD (2002) of Moh Alileche, pronounced Ali-LESH

Between the Arab culture of Northern Africa and the more well-known sub-Saharan cultures, the Amazigh people struggle for survival and recognition. California-based Moh Alileche serves as something of a musical ambassador, calling attention to his people’splight with sadly beautiful music. The new album opens with a Culture on the Brink of Extinction, relating how the government uses Rai music (and bribes and other means) to erode the Amazigh culture. (Sadly, Alileche missed an opportunity to further educate listeners by including liner notes helping distinguish the differences between Amazigh and non-Amazigh musics. Instruments and scales are similar, so the casual wanderer might miss the distinction.) The songs North Africa’s Destiny and The Abandoned Homeland echo this cultural decay. Yet also included are traditional songs, along with songs about wedding celebrations, love, windstorms, and hope. While the music isn t as fiery as Tinariwen’s desert blues or as poppish as Rai, it’s eminently enjoyable, ranging from the sparse, somber North Africa’s Destiny to the danceable longing of When You Are Away, a duet with singer Linda. Alileche’s dedication to his cultural mission might be summed up with lyrics from the song Toward the Summit: I expect to encounter troubles / ferocious heat, paralyzing cold, merciless storms / yet I shall surpass each one. / I know I will reach my destination / even if it takes a long time. No fan of North African music and culture will regret spending time with this fine CD.


©2005 Scott Allan Stevens, Earball Media

You can listen 2 full songs from the Source of Water CD at MySpace page

. . . Listen to the CD to sooth your mind, body and spirit. Just relax and Enjoy

Origin: Kabylie, Algeria
Language: Kabyle (Tamazight)

Song Titles:
1. A Fight In My Mind (4:29)
2. Le Pouvoir (4:46)
3. Be Happy (3:32)
4. The Swallow (Homage To S. Azem) (5:25)
5. Food Of Love (Instrumental) (3:30)
6. The Source Of Water (12:16)
7. Fear (5:32)
8. The Groom (4:02)
9. Tavern (7:11)

Running time (49:22)



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