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Handmade Tuareg Hand of Fatima from Algeria

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Product: Handmade Tuareg Hand of Fatima from Algeria
Size: 40mm high x 23mm wide
: Pure silver and genuine Mediterranean red coral 


This magnificent new generation hand carved hand of fatima pendant from Algeria is 100% handmade by an Algerian Amazigh (known as Berber) Jeweller to revolutionize the Algerian Jewellery making and the handicraft in general. The aim of this beautiful type of handicraft is purely to bring two dialectal groups of Amazigh people together (Tuareg in the Sahara desert and Kabyle in the mountains of Kabylia in the North of Algeria).
Let me explain. Both the Tuaregs and Kabyles use pure silver 950¸ however the Tuaregs hand carve all their Jewellery pieces in drawing Amazigh symbols that date at least 13000 years. However the Kabyles are using the colourful enamel and most importantly the genuine Mediterranean red coral in their Jewellery to give them extra value¸ beauty¸ peace¸ health and spirituality to the Jewellery that their women are proudly wearing.


You can find the name of the Amazigh people of the Sahara desert written in different ways such as Tuareg, Twareg, Touareg, Touaregue, etc. But they are all mean the same noble people. 


What is Tuareg Jewellery (Jewelry):

The Native people of North Africa are called Imazighen (Amazigh for singular), where we can find different dialects such as Kabyle, Tuareg, Chawi, Shelhi, Amazigh, Rifi, Mouzabit, etc. TheTuaregs refers then to the Amazigh/Berber people of the Sahara desert Algeria, they are specialised in a lot of handcrafted artifacts such as leather productsBerber Rugs, and Silver Tuareg Jewellery with natural stones for hundreds of years. They excel in it all in keeping its traditional aspect, they are never mass produced and they are never identical as they have always been handmade one by one.


They make all sorts of Jewellery, such as:
Handmade Silver Earrings
Handmade Silver Rings

Handmade Silver Necklaces
Handmade Silver Pendants

Handmade Silver Bracelets and Bangles

Handmade Silver Brooches


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