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Medium Algerian Flag & its meaning

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The Algerian flag has a wide meaning including hope, religion, the blood of martyrs, etc.. This is summarized as follow:
It contains two bands, the green represents prosperity, land and the colour of heaven viewed by Islam, and the white represents purity and peace. Still referring to Islam, the bent and pointed crescent, represents the path that the fellow good Muslim should follow in his life to deserve the Paradise of God; the star, however, represents the five pillars of Islam, and finally the colour red represents the blood of martyrs shed during the battles and wars on the Algerian soil of today and of yesterday. According to the official meaning: designed in April 1945 following a combination Ottoman Empire’s flag, of Emir Abdelkader which was taken from the Al-Andalus and the crest of l Étoile nord-africaine (ENA), adopted April 3, 1962 by the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic (GPRA) and formalized by the Act of April 25, 1963.

 Size: 90 x 57 cm

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