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Amazigh / Berber Flag

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Flag History: It was in the 1970s that the Berber Academy (Agraw Imazighen) introduced the first Berber flag. In 1998, the Amazigh World Congress formalized the flag in Tafira (Las Palmas), Canary Islands in the land of the Guanches, an ancient Berber people. The flag is composed of three horizontal stripes of equal width (blue, green and yellow) and the letter Z (in Tifinagh aza) in red. Each colour refers to an element of Tamazgha, territory inhabited by Berbers (correspondent in North Africa):
- The blue represents the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
- The green represents nature and the green mountains
- yellow represents the sand of the Sahara desert
The letter of the alphabet Z Tifinagh (the aza or yaz) represents the "Free People" and Berber divinity. It is here in red, the colour of life, but also colour of the resistance.

Size: 106 x 70cm

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