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Genuine Algerian Handmade Nylon Berber Rug - Similar to Ath Hichem

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Size: 160cm long x 75cm large
Material: Synthetic fibre

Origin: Sahara Desert of Algeria - Made by Mouzabite (Berbers) 


The origin of Berber Rugs/carpets date back to the Paleolithic era and were made by Berbers in North Africa. The hand spun cloth they created was named for the tribe, and they used natural fibres to create cloaks, rugs, and other fabrics. They could be made with sheep wool that keeps you warm in window and cool in summer. They could also be found in camel hair and synthetic fibres for people with allergies to animal products.

The term Berber was a name given to the natives of North Africa originally known as Imazighen (Amazigh for singular).

Handmade / homemade Berber carpets are still an active industry in many rural areas of North African countries. Many Berber families gain their daily bread from manufacturing carpets manually and selling them in local markets or even to art merchants and tourists. Traditional Berber carpet is totally different from the modern mass produced berber carpets usually known in the West. They are much more sophisticated and are made of natural materials.

One rug could take months to complete and they are originally made by the Amazigh women. The women write a message on the rug in a shape of belts, each belt contains a message written in Amazigh symbols and characters (Alphabet). That rug will then be offered to their future husband as a promise to their wish of a great marriage and life together. These belts are called “The belt of the Bride”.

All these modern and mass produced Rugs in the west that they call still call “Berber Rugs” have missed this extremely important historical point, which therefore cheapened their quality and rarity. If you ever buy a Berber rug, buy the genuine one made by the Berbers of North Africa, no one else!

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