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Algerian pure leather men's belt - Very strong and durable

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: Algerian pure leather men's belt - Very strong and durable

Size: Standard men's size.

Material: Pure and genuine Algerian leather

Shipped to: Sydney, perth, melbourne, adelaide, brisbane, darwin, all regions of Australia and worldwide.



The leather work represents an art in the Berber culture of North Africa especially for the Tuaregs. Animals are bred for food, clothes, bags, saddles, and water bags, rugs, shoes, wallets and many other items used in their everyday lives. Everything is done by hand. Sometimes you noticed some imperfections with the items, that is because no machines were used. Sometimes products are slightly different than what you see on the pictures, and that is for the same reason. Please let us know if you don't agree with that.

The leather for its flexibility and resistance is used for making a multitude of objects in Algeria (horse saddles, slippers, cushions, handbags, etc. ...). The most active centres are the highlands, the Hoggar and the Mzab. Big cities like Tlemcen, Constantine retained the expertise of artisan tannery (debbaghines), but now this knowledge is lost faced with competition from Europe.


The craft of Tuareg in this area presents originalities such as taghallabt, an object shaped wallet or aghreg, which is a travel bag. The leather of the region comes from goats or camels. It is coloured with copper oxide giving it green hues and decorated with symbols of the Tifinagh inspired alphabet.


In Kabylia, sheepskins and goatskins are also sometimes transformed to make bags and travel bags without decoration.Currently the Algerian leather sector is in crisis and needs rehabilitation due to globalization and severe competition (Inspiration from 

In committing to the purchase of this product, you are helping lots of North African families (Tuaregs in particular) in their survival struggle. BSH thanks you for it.

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