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Tamazight, official language. What future?


On this day of 20 April 2015, a historic and commemorative day of Berber spring 1980 and black spring of 2001, I take this opportunity to ask you and I questions about the past and the future of our beloved Amazigh culture.

Who would have thought 35 years ago that writing Tamazight on banners, hear it on national television and radio stations and speak it in public places was possible!

Femmes kabyles avec le nouveau drapeau Kabyle


Who would have thought 35 years ago that speaking Tamazight or its dialects in public places was a pride and no shame or embarrassment!

Who would have thought 35 years ago that having an Amazigh name or give Amazigh names to newborns was possible and legal!

Who would have thought 35 years ago that Tamazight is spoken even at the APN and official speeches!

Who would have thought 35 years ago that the High Commission for Tamazight, the Movement for Self-determination of the Kabylie region, the World Amazigh Congress, etc will exist one day!

Do you think this was offered like hot bread on a plate by our chain governments? Not at all, but this is the result of hard work of determined women and men who have their Amazigh ancestral culture in their hearts.

Each one uses their own ways and means available, whether political, cultural, culinary, etc. As a result, the Amazigh flag (Anay Amazigh) was born in 1998, then the Kabyle flag (Anay Aqvayli) also emerged in 2015.

The 20th of April is now a memorial day, not only in Kabylie, but in the entire Algeria and abroad, so a well-deserved universal day.

People who are active in the development of the Amazigh culture are from various faiths and from various origins, using various means and with diverse targets.

The main aim is that the Amazigh language and culture, officially find its strong position it deserves in North Africa in particular and the world in general. This is the main objective of the Amazigh activists to enrich the culture of the country, diversify the languages ​​and cultures and catch up with the world and technology advancing at a high speed. Isn’t this a positive intention!! ??

So, is claiming Tamazight as an official language really a threat to the country’s stability as we often hear it?


Article written by Hacène Baleh For 04/20/2015 (6 Ibrir 2965)

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